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Is It OK to Plan Your Gay Vacation to States With Anti-LGBTQ Laws?

Editor's Note, Love Wins California Weddings

It’s fair to wonder, given the nation’s current political climate, how safe marriage equality laws are. In states across the country, conservative lawmakers seem obsessed with passing anti-trans and LGBTQ-unfriendly bills, some with the explicit intention of protecting businesses that wish to deny their services to couples planning same-sex weddings. In my travel story in this issue, I’ve written about both Asheville, North Carolina, and Austin, Texas—two progressive cities in states that are at the heart of America’s battle over LGBTQ rights.

Should we visit states where LGBTQ rights are under threat? Boycotting them is a justifiable stance, but I favor a different approach. Spend time in these states, and make a point of supporting LGBTQ-owned and allied businesses. It’s a great way to show solidarity with allies and, gradually, gain enough support to defeat the bigoted lawmakers who would like to silence us. Let them know that we’re here to stay.

It’s this magazine’s mission to help readers find wedding- and travel-related businesses that embrace our community. Thus, we shot our gorgeous fashion story on the sugary beaches of Tulum, along the sun-kissed Riviera Maya, which in 2011 became one of Mexico’s first regions to legalize same-gender marriage.

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Asheville, North Carolina; photo courtesy of Explore Asheville

Of course, most of our stories are California-driven, from serving boldly flavored Asian cuisine at your reception to surprising your wedding guests with a goodie bag of California treats. The five real weddings we’ve featured in this issue were celebrated throughout the state, from tiny Kenwood in the sophisticated Sonoma Wine Country to the rocky, chaparral-covered hills of Escondido in greater San Diego’s North County region. We’ve also highlighted a sumptuous spa resort in the charming Napa Valley town of Calistoga in Reception Style, and the gloriously transformed Los Angeles venue where pop star Lance Bass married actor Michael Turchin in 2014. And our wedding cake and floral stories feature some of San Francisco’s most talented vendors.

Our goal is to make California—and the world beyond—a bigger tent for the LGBTQ community. I hope you’ll join us in this quest. Go out, be visible, and share your love with the world around you.

Happy Planning!

Andrew Collins

Featured image: Kevin Focht.